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Your human resources partner

Intsha is a bespoke Human Resources consultancy firm offering expert Recruitment and Talent Management services in today’s competitive marketplace. We’ve been career matchmakers for more than 14 years using traditional industry search, match and fit methodologies successfully. Our ability to move with the times has enabled us to sharpen our offering and we’ve introduced a more refined approach that’s more intimate making sure to address a broader spectrum of the areas within the talent management sphere.

This has seen the birth of our Early-Career service that encourages employers to zoom in on ready to work employees with no work experience. Employers can implement this as a means of building their own internal talent pipeline. Aside from filling an existing vacancy or a newly created vacancy in your company, have you thought of looking at graduate development programs and other skills development interventions to build your talent pool? Our business pledges to be your human resources partner contact us for a more tailor-made solution.

"I am passionate about all matters related to talent management and development, this makes coaching/guiding/mentorship a focal point of most of my professional discussions."

Mpho Mosehle – Founder – Intsha Consultancy